1.00 to 2.90 HZ. Delta frequencies are monitored by EEG to occur during deep, dreamless sleep and somnambulistic trance states. Feelings of well being and pituitary growth hormones stimulated.


Theta Frequencies: 3.00 to 6.90 HZ. Dreaming , visual imagery… Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Increased memory retention, accelerated learning, intense and focused concentration… Feelings of universal oneness and loss of boundary layer separateness.


Alpha Frequencies: 7.00 to 12.90 HZ. Relaxed consciousness and Psychic Stimulation. A node or recurring sensitive spot right around 7.8 to 8.0 cycles. The frequency of the living Earth, the “Schumann Resonance” of 7.83 HZ is the lowest common denominator of psychic activity repeatedly observed by EEG and EKG observations.


Beta Frequencies: 13.00 to 36.00 HZ. The “wide awake” brainwave state for truckers, late night driving, even fear, anger, aggression, anxiety, rage and violence.


Brainwave Frequency (Hz)Mental State
High Beta 30 ~ 23Panic, Hyperactivity
Beta 22.99 ~ 16Twitchy
Low Beta 15.99 ~ 14.5OK, Normal Consciousness
Beta/Alpha 14.49 ~ 13.5Calm
High Alpha 13.49 ~ 12.4Quietness
Alpha 12.39 ~ 9.9Start of Meditation
Low Alpha 9.89 ~ 8.2Inspiration, Mental Mediumship
Alpha/Theta 8.19 ~ 7.7Light Trance, Overshadowing
High Theta 7.69 ~ 7.1Partial Loss of Awareness
Theta 7 ~ 4.9Further Loss of Awareness
Low Theta 4.89 ~ 4.3Deeper Trance
Theta/Delta 4.29 ~ 3.9Out of Body Feeling
High Delta 3.89 ~ 3Guides Controlling
Delta 2.9 ~ 1.5Passive Body
Low Delta 1.49 ~ 0.5Full Deep Trance
Panning 0.49 ~ 0.01Where Have You Gone?


mental states for different brainwave ranges

Brainwave Type

Frequency Range (Hz)

Associated State
BETA13 to 30Waking, alertness, engagement, arousal, perception, evaluation, fear, anger, worry, hunger, surprise
ALPHA7 to 13Non-drowsy relaxation, tranquility, inward awareness, body-mind integration, meditation, relaxation
THETA3 to 7Increased recall, creativity, imagery, visualization, free-flowing thought, future planning, inspiration, drowsiness, dreaming, REM states
DELTA0.1 to 3Deep dreamless sleep, deep trance states, growth hormone release, self-healing, deep non-REM sleep

Brainwave Frequency (Hz)

Mental State/Effects


Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone, harmony & balance


Helps hair grow, muscle development, rejuvenation effects


Used on headaches


Tri-thalamic entrainment format, benefits dyslexics, Alzheimer’s


Abrahams Universal Healing Rate, Sleep, relief for Chronic Fatigue


Clears sinus congestion (primarily with binaural beats)




Associated with coccyx (small triangular bone at end of spinal column)


Associated with genitals


Pain relief, relaxation, production of endogenous opiates


Associated with bladder


Associated with intestines


“Theta1” Range, increased reaction time, muscle tension headache relief


Associated with navel chakra (hara)


Influences physical vision


Childhood awareness/vivid memories


Theta Range, deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory, focus, creativity


Sound sleep


Feeling of unity with everything, accelerated language retention


Anger & irritability remedy


Associated with ovaries


Unsociable behavior remedy, crystal clear meditation, lucid dreams


Attitude & behavior change


Theta Range, recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming


Theta State, creative inspiration, spiritual connection, subconscious mind


Associated with kidneys


Shamanic State Of Consciousness/Tibetan Buddhist Chants


Associated with spleen & blood


Introspection, relaxation, meditation, deeper sleep


Unusual problem solving, reduced sleep needed, relaxation, pain relief




Associated with stomach


Associated with lungs


“Theta2” frequency range, mental task performance


Inner Guidance, intuition, heat generation


Reduce fear, absent-mindedness, dizziness


Long-term memory stimulation, reduce unwillingness to work


Creative Visualization


Somatic Responses, tingling, pressure, heat


Associated with heart


Frontal Midline Theta (Fm Theta)


Hemispheric desync, confusion, anxiety, low reaction time, depression, insomnia


Mental & astral projection


“Center” of Theta2 Brainwave Frequency Range


Possible use for muscle spasms


Associated with collarbones


Healing, treatment of addictions


Mental & astral projection, fear reduction, mass aggregate frequency


Inner awareness, guided meditation, creative thought, contact with spirit guides


Associated with shoulders


Schumann Resonance, ESP activation


Earth Resonance, grounding

Frequency Range

Reported Effects

10-14 Hz

Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling, treatment for ADHD, closed head injury, headaches, and more.

10.2 Hz

Associated with catecholamines.

10.3 Hz

Associated with nasal passages, affecting breathing and taste.

10.5 Hz

Frequency for healing, mind/body unity, immune system support, and more.

10.6 Hz

Relaxed and alert state.

10.7 Hz

Associated with ears, affecting hearing and formal concepts.

11.0 Hz

Stress reduction.

11-14 Hz

Focused alertness.

11.5-14.5 Hz

Implications for increased intelligence and mental efficiency.

12.0 Hz

Centering, mental stability, and more.

12.3 Hz

Associated with eyes, aiding visualization.

12.0-14.0 Hz

Learning frequency, good for passive absorption of information.

12.0-15.0 Hz

Beta (low) range for relaxed focus and improved attentiveness.

13-27 Hz

Beta range associated with focused attention, alert mental activity, and more.

13-30 Hz

Beta range associated with normal wakefulness and sensory evaluation.

13-40 Hz

Beta range conducive to stimulating energy and action.

13.0 Hz

Alleged sphincter resonance.

13.8 Hz

Associated with frontal lobes.

14.0 Hz

Awake and alert state, vitality, and concentration.

14.1 Hz

“Earth Resonance” and accelerated healing.

15.0-18.0 Hz

Beta (mid) range for increased mental ability, focus, and alertness.

15-24 Hz

Euphoria and pleasant effects.

15 Hz

Associated with chronic pain.

15.4 Hz

Associated with the cortex and intelligence.

16.0 Hz

Bottom limit of normal hearing, oxygen and calcium release into cells.

16.4 Hz

Associated with the top of the head, spirit, and liberation.

18.0-22.0 Hz

Beta range associated with outward awareness and sensory data.

18.0 Hz

Beta (high) for fully awake state, stress, and anxiety.

20-30 Hz

Phosphene imagery and peak luminosity in the visual field.

20.0 Hz

Fatigue, energize, and other effects.

20.215 Hz

Implications related to LSD-25.

20.3 Hz

“Earth Resonance.”

22.0 Hz

Used for intelligence enhancement and out-of-body travel.

22.027 Hz

Associated with serotonin.

25.0 Hz

Bypassing the eyes for image imprinting and clinical testing for anxiety.

26.0 Hz

Schumann Resonance (4th frequency of 7).

26.4 Hz

“Earth Resonance.”

27.5 Hz

Lowest note on a piano.

other frequencies

Frequency RangeReported Effects
30-60 HzGamma Range – decision-making, muscle tension, and more.
30-190 HzHigh Beta – not currently associated with any specific state of mind.
30 HzBeginning of the Gamma range, according to some sources.
31.32 HzSchumann Resonance (5th frequency of 7).
32 HzDesensitizer and enhanced vigor & alertness.
33 HzAssociated with Christ consciousness and hypersensitivity.
35-150 HzAssociated with fractures.
35-193 HzAssociated with arthralgia.
35 HzAwakening of mid-chakras and balance of chakras.
36-44 HzLearning frequencies for active studying and thinking.
38 HzEndorphin release.
39.0 HzSchumann Resonance (6th frequency of 7).
40-60 HzAnxiolytic effects, stimulates the release of beta-endorphins, and more.
40.0 HzAssociated with problem solving in fearful situations, potential brain operating system frequency.
45.0 HzSchumann Resonance (7th frequency of 7).
46.98 HzReported as useful for “weird effects.”
50-60 HzDocumented negative effects, particularly with ELF research.
50.0 HzDominant frequency of polyphasic muscle activity in the UK.
55.0 HzAssociated with tantric yoga and kundalini stimulation.
60-120 HzLambda Range – little known but includes central nervous system activity.
Frequency RangeReported Effects
60 HzAssociated with electric power lines.
62.64 HzReported as useful for “weird effects.”
63 HzAssociated with astral projection.
65.8 HzAssociated with the coccyx.
70-9,000 HzVoice spectrum.
70 HzAssociated with mental and astral projection, endorphin production.
70.47 HzReported as useful for “weird effects.”
72 HzAssociated with emotional spectrum.
73.6 HzAssociated with genitals.
80 HzAssociated with awareness, control, and 5-hydroxytryptamine production.
82.3 HzAssociated with the bladder.
83 HzReported for third eye opening.
85.5 HzAssociated with intestines.
90.0 HzAssociated with good feelings, security, and balance.
95.0-125.0 HzAcoustical resonances of assorted ancient structures.
95.0 HzUse for pain relief.
98.4 HzAssociated with the navel chakra (hara).
100 HzCan help with pain when used with electrical stimulation.
105 HzAssociated with overall view of the complete situation.
108 HzAssociated with total knowing.
110.0 HzAssociated
Frequency RangeReported Effects
132.0 HzAssociated with kidneys (Effects=strength) (higher octave of 4.11 Hz) [TOS]; Associated with coccyx (small triangular bone at end of the spinal column) (higher octave of 2.06 Hz) [TOS]
136.1 HzSun: light, warmth, joy, animus [RV]; Resonates with the earth year (Note=C#) (Color=Turquoise Green) (Effects=calming, meditative, relaxing, centering) [PSI]; Period it takes earth to revolve around sun (Tempo=63.8*127.6) (Chakra=Anahate/Heart chakra)(Effects=relaxing, soothing, balancing, harmony with the cosmos, associated with the soul {“frequency of the soul}) (Medicinal=Sedative) (Other=significant tone in Indian music {called it the “sadja” or “father to others” – it was a keynote} – corresponds to “OM” & the Christian “AMEN”) [HC/Planetware website]
140.25 HzPluto: power, crisis & changes [??]; Frequency associated with the orbit of Pluto; (Note=C#) (Color=blue-green) (Tempo=65.7 * 131.4 BPM) (Effects = support the magic group dynamic principle and is said to be responsible for integration into certain structures of society) [HC/Planetware website]
141.27 HzMercury: intellectuality, mobility [??]; Frequency associated with orbit of Mercury (Note=C# or D) (Color=blue-green or blue) (Tempo=66.2) (Chakra=Vishudda/Throat chakra) (Effects=Supports speech center and communicative-intellectual principle, associated with communication and cleverness) [HC/Planetware]
144.0 HzHelps with headaches (Medium=pad)[JB]
144.72 HzMars: activity, energy, freedom, humor [??]; Frequency associated with the orbit of Mars (Note=D) (Color=blue) (Tempo=67.8 * 135.6 BPM) (Effect : Supports strength of will and focused energy, ability for achievement) [HC/Planetware]
146.0 HzUsed on sinus infection/head cold [RS]
147.0 HzAssociated with the spleen/blood (Effects=Emotional Impulse) (higher octave of 4.6 Hz) [TOS]; Associated with genitals (higher octave of 2.30 Hz) [TOS]
147.85 HzSaturn: separation, sorrow, death [??]; Frequency associated with orbit of Saturn (Note=D) (Color=Blue) (Tempo=69.3 * 138.6 BPM) (Effects=enhances concentration and the process of becoming conscious + shows very clearly karmic connections, brings structure and order – is considered to be a cosmic controller) [HC/Planetware]
160.0 HzAppears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production, with 80 Hz. [EQ]; Use for rapid relief from headaches [ESR]; used on sinus infection/head cold [RS]
164.3 HzFrequency associated with Gall Bladder [Note=E] [BH1][BH4]
165.0 HzAssociated with stomach (Effects=Emotional Acceptance) (higher octave of 5.14 Hz) [TOS]; Associated with bladder (higher octave of 2.57 Hz) [TOS]
171.0 HzAssociated with lungs (Effects=Oxygen, Heat) (higher octave of 5.35 Hz) [TOS]; Associated with intestines (higher octave of 2.67 Hz) [TOS]
172.06 HzResonates with the Platonic year {about 26,000 years} (Note=F) (Color=purple-violet) (Effects=joyful, cheerful, spiritual effect) [PSI]; The Frequency Of The Platonic Year (Color=red-violet {purple}) (Tempo=80.6 BPM) (Chakra=Sahasrar/Crown chakra) (Effects=cheerfulness, clarity of spirit, cosmic unity on highest levels) (Medicinal=antidepressive) (Other=F is considered the tone of the spirit, and had a lot of significance to the Chinese)
176.0 HzFrequency associated with the colon. [Note=F or F#] [BH1][BH4]
183.58 HzJupiter: growth, success, justice, spirituality [??]; Frequency associated with the orbit of Jupiter (Note=F#) (Color=Red) (Tempo=86.05 * 172.1 BPM) (Effects : supports creative power and continuous construction) (Associated with Jupiter : Generosity, Continuity, Magnanimity, Joviality) [HC/planetware website]
185.0 HzUsed on sinus infection/head cold [RS]
187.61 HzFrequency of “moon culmination” ; [HC/planetware website]
194.18 HzFrequency of Synodic “Earth” Day {the “day tone”} (Note=G) (Color=Orange Red) (Tempo=91.0 BPM) (Chakra=Muladhar/Base chakra) (Effects = dynamic, vitalizing)(Medicinal=”tonifies”) (Other=”weather determining” spheric frequency, influences proteins, brings one into harmony with nature”) [HC/planetware website]
194.71 HzEarth: stability, grounding [??]; Key Of G resonates with frequency of earth day, the color orange-red, & has a dynamic, stimulating, and energizing effect on the body-mind. [PSI]
197.0 HzAssociated with heart (Effects=love, warmth) (higher octave of 6.15) [TOS]; Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel, balance of pelvis) (higher octave of 3.07 Hz) [TOS]
197.71 HzFrequency of Sideric Day ; [HC/planetware website]
207.36 HzUranus: spontaneity, independence, originality [??]; Frequency associated with orbit of Uranus {insert one of dozens of bad jokes here} (Note=G#) (Color=Orange) (Tempo = 97.2 BMP) (Effects = supports the power of surprise and renewal, has primeval and erotic power) [HC/planetware website]
210.42 HzFrequency of Synodic Moon (Note=G#) (Color=orange) (Tempo=98.6 BPM) (Chakra=Svadisthan {2
FrequencyAssociated ConceptAdditional Details
211.44Neptune– Unconscious, secrets, imagination, spiritual love – Frequency associated with Neptune’s orbit (Note=G#) – Color: Orange – Tempo: 99.1 BPM – Effects: Supports intuition, the unconscious, and enhances the dream experience
220.0Lungs– Note=A – Associated with collarbones and ovaries – Effects: Vitality, overall balance, stability (higher octave of 6.88 HZ) – Effects: Vitality, life at a very basic level (higher octave of 3.84 HZ)
221.23Venus– Beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality, harmony – Frequency associated with Venus’s orbit (Note=A) – Color: Yellow-Orange – Tempo: 103.7 BPM – Chakra: Ajna/Third Eye – Effects: Supports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony
227.43Sideric Moon– Frequency of the Sideric Moon
229.22Metonic Cycle (related to moon)– Frequency of the Metonic Cycle (related to the moon)
234.16Moon knot– Frequency of the Moon knot
241.56Saros period (related to moon)– Frequency of the Saros period (related to the moon)
246.04Apsidis rotation (related to moon)– Frequency of Apsidis rotation (related to the moon)
250.0Elevate and revitalize 
254.57Icarus (asteroid)– Frequency associated with the orbit of Icarus (asteroid)
256.0Root Chakra– Note=C
263.0Mouth and Kidneys– Associated with the mouth (speech, creativity) – Associated with kidneys (strength) (higher octave of 4.11 HZ)
264.0Personality– Related to Personality (Note=C+)
27233rd octave of Earth year 
272.0Selenium (mineral nutrient)– Note=C#
272.2Earth’s orbit– Frequency associated with the orbit of Earth (Note=C#)
273.0Transpersonal Chakra– Note=C#
280.5Pluto– Frequency associated with the orbit of Pluto (Note=C#)
281.0Intestines– Note=C#
281.6Small Intestine– Note=C#
282.4Mercury’s orbit– Frequency associated with the orbit of Mercury (Note=D)
288.0Polarity Chakra– Note=D
289.4Mars– Frequency associated with the orbit of Mars (Note=D)
293.0“Unknown” Chakra (Saturn Orbit)– Note=D+ (Note between D and D#) – Related to Saturn’s orbit
294.0Upper Lip and Spleen/Blood– Associated with the upper lip (emotions, conflict resolution) – Associated with the spleen/blood (Emotional Impulse)
295.7Saturn– Frequency associated with the orbit of Saturn (Note=D#)
295.8Fat Cells– Note=C#
296.07Toutatis (asteroid)– Frequency associated with the orbit of Toutatis (asteroid)
332.8 - Frequency associated with orbit of Sun (Note=E) [BH2]
336.0Molybdenum (mineral nutrient)– Note=BH
341.0Heart Chakra– Note=F
342.0Ears and Lungs– Associated with ears (hearing, formal concepts) (higher octave of 13.8 HZ) – Associated with lungs (Oxygen, Heat) (higher octave of 5.35 HZ)
352.0Bladder and Thymus Chakra– Frequency associated with bladder (Note=F) – Thymus Chakra (11:1) (Note=F#)
367.0Sinus Infection/Head Cold(used on)
367.2Jupiter’s orbit– Frequency associated with the orbit of Jupiter (Note=F#)
368.09Apollo (asteroid)– Frequency associated with the orbit of Apollo (asteroid)
372.0“Unknown” Chakra (Earth Spin)– Note=G# (Earth Spin 378)
375.70Eros (asteroid)– Frequency associated with the orbit of Eros (asteroid)
378.5Spin of Earth– Frequency associated with the spin of Earth (Note=F#)
380.96Ida (asteroid)– Frequency associated with the orbit of Ida (asteroid)
384.0Gurdjieff Vibration, Throat Chakra– Gurdjieff vibration associated with root chakra – Throat Chakra (12:1) (Note=G)
389.4Spin of Mars– Frequency associated with the spin of Mars (Note=G)
393.0Eyes and Heart– Associated with eyes (Visualization) (higher octave of 12.3) – Associated with heart (love, warmth) (higher octave of 6.15)
393.34Pallas (asteroid)– Frequency associated with the orbit of Pallas (asteroid)
394.76Ceres (asteroid)– Frequency associated with the orbit of Ceres (asteroid)
396G (musical note) 
400Decongest– Seems to decongest
 Manganese (mineral nutrient)– Frequency associated with Manganese (mineral nutrient) (Note=G or G#)
Frequency (Hz)Associated Meaning or PropertyNotes
405.0Violet [PL] 
408.7Frequency associated with orbit of Juno (asteroid) [MPT] 
409.1Frequency associated with spin of Venus (Note=G#) [BH2]G#
410.0“Unknown” Chakra (1:10) (Note=Ab) (Venus Spin 409) [BH3]Ab
414.7Frequency associated with orbit of Uranus (Note=G#) [BH2]G#
416.0Psychic Center Chakra (13:1) (Note=Ab) (Uranus Orbit 415) [BH3]Ab
418.3Frequency associated with bones (Note=Ab) [BH1][BH4]Ab
420.82Moon: love, sensitivity, creativity, femininity, anima 
421.3Frequency associated with orbit of moon (Note=Ab) [BH2]Ab
422.8Frequency associated with orbit of Neptune (Note=Ab) [BH2]Ab
424.0(Used on) Fatigue (medium=pad) [JB] 
430.8Frequency associated with spin of Uranus (Note=Ab) [BH2]Ab
440.0A (musical note); Associated with Frontal Lobes [TOS]The seventh sense, final decision
  Higher octave of 13.8 Hz
  Associated with collarbones [TOS]
  Higher octave of 6.88 Hz
442.0Frequency associated with orbit of Venus (Note=A) [BH2]A
448.0Third Eye Chakra (14:1) (Note=A) [BH3]A
445.0“Unknown” Chakra (1:9) (Note=Bb) (Venus Orbit 442) [BH3]Bb
455.4Frequency associated with spin of Saturn (Note=A#) [BH2]A#
456.0(Used on) Sinusitis/Sinus Infection/Head Cold [RS] 
461.67Frequency associated with orbit of Vesta (asteroid) [MPT] 
464.0Frequency associated with Copper (mineral nutrient) (Note=Bb) [BH]Bb
 (Used on) Sinus Infections/Head Colds with 728Hz, 784Hz & 880Hz [RS] 
473.9Frequency associated with spin of Jupiter (Note=Bb) [BH2]Bb
486.2Frequency associated with spin of Pluto (Note=B) [BH2]B
480.0Crown Chakra (15:1) (Note=B) [BH3]B
492.0Frequency associated with Spleen (Note=B) [BH4]B
492.8Frequency associated with Adrenals (Note=B) [BH1]B
  Associated with Adrenals, Thyroid & Parathyroid [BH4]
493.00Frequency associated with the orbit of Gaspra (asteroid) [MPT] 
495.0B (musical note) 
495.25Frequency associated with orbit of Castalia (asteroid) [MPT] 
497.1Frequency associated with spin of Sun (Note=B) [BH2]B
448.0Third Eye Chakra (14:1) (Note=A) [BH3]
445.0[“unknown”] Chakra (1:9) (Note=Bb) (Venus Orbit 442) [BH3]
455.4Frequency associated with spin of Saturn (Note=A#) [BH2]
456.0(used on) sinusitis/sinus infection/head cold [RS]
461.67Frequency associated with orbit of Vesta (asteroid) [MPT]
464.0Frequency associated with Copper (mineral nutrient) (Note=Bb) [BH]; (used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 728hz,784hz & 880hz [RS]
473.9Frequency associated with spin of Jupiter (Note=Bb) [BH2]
486.2Frequency associated with spin of Pluto (Note=B) [BH2]
480Crown Chakra (15:1) (Note=B) [BH3]; Frequency associated with Phosphorous & Zinc (mineral nutrients) (Note=B) [BH]
492.0Frequency associated with Spleen (Note=B) [BH4]; Associated with Cortex (Effects=intelligence) (higher octave of 15.4 HZ) [TOS]
492.8Frequency associated with Adrenals (Note=B) [BH1]; Associated with Adrenals, Thyroid & Parathyroid [BH4]
493.00Frequency associated with the orbit of Gaspra (asteroid) [MPT]
495B (musical note)
495.25Frequency associated with orbit of Castalia (asteroid) [MPT]
497.1Frequency associated with spin of Sun. (Note=B) [BH2]
500.0(used to treat) Anthrax (medium=tube) [JB]
520.0(used on) Headaches (medium=pad) [JB]
522.0(used on) sinus infection/head cold [RS]
526Associated with top of head (Effects=spirit, liberation, transcendence) (higher octave of 16.4 HZ) [TOS] ; Associated with mouth (Effects=speech, creativity) (higher octave of 8.22 HZ) [TOS]
528C (musical note)
542Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. smallpox vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ. [RS]
569Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. smallpox vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ. [RS]
586.0Associated with Circulation & Sex (Note=C#) [BH4]
588.0Associated with the upper lip (Effects=emotions, conflict resolution) (higher octave of 9.19 HZ)[TOS]
594D (musical note)
620Keely Frequency (use with 630 and 12000) [TB]
630Keely Frequency (use with 620 & 12000) [TB]
633Bio-energetic frequency for Anthracinum (i.e. anthrax vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ before even playing with this. [RS]
658Associated With Nasal Passages (Effects=breathing, taste) (higher octave of 10.3 HZ) [TOS]
660E (musical note)
664(used for) Fatigue (medium=pad) [JB]
685Associated with ears (Effects=hearing, formal concepts) (higher octave of 13.8 HZ) [TOS]
704F (musical note)
727(used on) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; Commonly used “cure-all” Rife frequency [CR]
728(used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 784hz,880hz & 464hz. [RS]
784(used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 728hz,784hz & 464hz. [RS]
787Associated with eyes (Effects=Visualization) (higher octave of 12.3) [TOS]; (used to treat) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; Commonly used “cure-all” Rife frequency [CR]
800Commonly used “cure-all” Rife Frequency [CR]
802(used on) sinusitis with 1550 HZ; (used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]
820(used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]
832Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. smallpox vaccine). See disclaimer for 500 HZ. [RS]
880Associated with Frontal Lobes (Effects=the seventh sense, final decision) (higher octave of 13.8) [TOS]; (used on) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; (used on) sinus infections/head colds w/ 728hz,784hz & 464hz. [RS]; Commonly used “cure-all” Rife Frequency [CR]
952(used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]
965Relaxes muscles, especially those of the neck [KFL]
984Associated with Cortex (Effects=intelligence) (higher octave of 15.4) [TOS]
1000Cerebral neurons
1052Associated with top of head (Effects=spirit, liberation, transcendence) (higher octave of 16.4 HZ) [TOS]
1500(used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS]
1550(used on) sinusitis with 802 HZ, (used on) sinus infections/head colds [RS]
1552(used on) eye disorders [KFL]
1600(used on) eye disorders [ESR]
2025Proton Precession/Water Resonance [TB]
2675“The Crystal Resonator”. A subharmonic of
Frequency (Hz)Associated Meaning or Property
432.0Known as the “Cosmic Frequency,” believed to have healing properties and align with the vibrations of the universe.
528.0The “Love Frequency,” associated with DNA repair and transformation, promoting love, harmony, and spiritual awakening.
963.0Often called the “Pineal Gland Activator,” believed to stimulate the pineal gland, associated with higher consciousness and spiritual insight.
936.0Thought to enhance communication with higher realms, stimulate the third eye, and promote spiritual awakening.
852.0Known as the “Third Eye Frequency,” believed to awaken intuition and inner strength.
417.0Associated with undoing situations and facilitating change, often used for personal transformation.
639.0Promotes harmonious relationships and enhances communication, connecting you with universal love.
777.0Often associated with spiritual enlightenment and a deeper connection with the divine.
313.0Sometimes called the “Solfeggio Super Root,” thought to connect you with the fundamental frequencies of the universe.
Universal Base Frequency:Symbolizing the foundation of all things.
1.0Ultra-low-frequency representing the essence of existence.
Chakra Frequencies:Aligning with different aspects of human experience and consciousness.
194.18Root Chakra (Survival)
480.0Crown Chakra (Spirituality)
Planetary Frequencies:For cosmic influence and wisdom.
7.83Earth (Grounding) Schumann Resonance
183.58Jupiter (Growth and Wisdom)
Emotional Frequencies:Corresponding to emotions or states of being.
528.0Love and Compassion
432.0Peace and Serenity
Higher States of Consciousness:Associated with altered states of consciousness.
4-8 HzTheta Brainwave State (Meditation and Creativity)
30-100 HzGamma Brainwave State (Enhanced Cognition)
Akashic Records Frequency:Accessing universal knowledge.
1111.0Akashic Access Symbolic number for divine knowledge
DNA Frequencies:Interacting with DNA for healing and transformation.
528.0DNA Activation
Cosmic Frequencies:Connecting to cosmic concepts.
777.0Multiverse Connection Mystical number
Sound and Color Frequencies:Exploring the connection between sound and color.
473.0Blue (for communication and expression)
Universal Harmonic Resonance:Representing the harmonious resonance of the universe.
CustomCombination of all the frequencies above.
Flickering Lights and Brainwave Frequencies:Using LED light systems flickering at specific brainwave states.
0.5-4 HzDelta
4-8 HzTheta
8-13 HzAlpha
13-30 HzBeta
30+ HzGamma

binaural comparitors


Left Ear Frequency (Hz)Right Ear Frequency (Hz)Resulting Beat Frequency (Hz)Intention
Delta State20.51.5Deep Relaxation
Theta State6.57.51Meditation and Creativity
Alpha State9101Alertness and Light Meditation
Beta State15183Focus and Problem Solving
Gamma State40455Enhanced Cognition
Theta-Gamma State5.5 (Theta)43 (Gamma)37.5 (Theta-Gamma)Enhanced Meditation and Cognition
Akashic Records Access111011111Accessing Akashic Records
Cosmic Connection4304322Cosmic Connection
Universal Harmonic Resonance39641721Universal Harmony
Love and Harmony5205288Love and Harmony

Composition Name

Left Ear Frequency (Hz)

Right Ear Frequency (Hz)

Resulting Beat Frequency (Hz)


Deep Relaxation




Achieve deep relaxation and reduce stress

Enhanced Focus

18 (Beta)

20 (Beta)

2 (Low Beta)

Improve focus and concentration


7.5 (Theta)

10 (Alpha)

2.5 (Theta)

Enhance creativity and stimulate problem-solving abilities

Lucid Dreaming

4 (Theta)

4.5 (Theta)

0.5 (Theta)

Induce a state conducive to lucid dreaming

Pain Relief and Healing



2 (Delta)

Promote pain relief and physical healing

Mood Elevation



4 (Theta)

Elevate mood and foster positive emotions

Energy Boost and Motivation

15 (Beta)

14 (Beta)

1 (Low Beta)

Increase energy levels and motivation

Chakra Balancing (Heart)



3.9 (Delta)

Balance and open the Heart Chakra


12 (Alpha)

12 (Alpha)

0 (No beat, pure Alpha)

Cultivate mindfulness and presence

Stress Release (Quick)



0 (No beat, pure tone)

Quick relaxation and stress release

+ spectra wave


Binaural Beat Frequency (Hz)Visual Entrainment
Deep Relaxation10 (Alpha)Soft, pulsating blue light at 10 Hz.
Enhanced Focus2 (Low Beta)Flickering white light at 2 Hz.
Creativity and Problem Solving2.5 (Theta)Subtle, flowing patterns of color.
Lucid Dreaming0.5 (Theta)Slow and rhythmic, dimly lit environment.
Pain Relief and Healing2 (Delta)Warm, soothing colors and gentle light pulses.
Mood Elevation4 (Theta)Vibrant, uplifting visuals and colors.
Energy Boost and Motivation1 (Low Beta)Bright and energizing light patterns.
Chakra Balancing (Heart)3.9 (Delta)Green and pink light with heart-shaped visuals.
Mindfulness and Presence0 (No beat, pure Alpha)Soft and serene visual scenes.
Stress Release (Quick)0 (No beat, pure tone)Rapid, calming color shifts.

example entrainment

In this mix, you’re using the Sun’s frequency (497.1 Hz) as the base carrier wave. This frequency is associated with the Sun’s energy, which is often seen as a source of power, light, and life. You can use this as a foundation for your meditation.

To create the audio entrainment sequence, you can layer these frequencies and intentions in the following way:

  1. Start with the base carrier wave at 497.1 Hz. This is the constant underlying tone throughout the sequence.
  1. Gradually introduce the other frequencies in a sequence that aligns with your meditation goals. For example:
  • Begin with 432.0 Hz to establish a cosmic and healing connection.
  • Add 7.83 Hz (Earth’s Schumann Resonance) for grounding and stability.
  • Progress to 528.0 Hz for love, harmony, and DNA repair.
  • Incorporate 852.0 Hz to activate the third eye and enhance intuition.
  • Bring in 963.0 Hz to stimulate the pineal gland and connect with higher consciousness.
  • Transition between frequencies smoothly to create a harmonious flow.

Use the brainwave frequencies (Theta and Gamma) to guide the yourself into deeper meditative states and heightened cognition.

Concluding the audio treatment with 1111.0 Hz symbolises access to the Akashic Records and divine knowledge.

Overlay the entire mix with a custom frequency representing universal harmonic resonance to create an overall sense of harmony and alignment.

Remember to facilitate those periods of silence in a treatment – relax to allow the self to integrate the frequencies and their intentions. Additionally, consider using binaural beats add-ins or isochronic tones to enhance the entrainment effect.

As you create and listen to these audio entrainment sequences during your meditation, focus on your intentions and allow the frequencies to guide you toward your desired state of consciousness and connection with the Akashic Records.

best picks

7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance)Connect with Earth’s natural resonance and energy.
432 HzAssociated with healing and cosmic alignment.
8 Hz (Schumann Cascade)Explore deeper aspects of consciousness and relaxation.
136.1 Hz (Heart Chakra)Balance and open the Heart Chakra for emotional healing.
728 Hz (DNA Repair)Believed to assist in DNA repair and transformation.
852 Hz (Third Eye Activation)Awaken intuition and enhance inner strength.
1000 HzExplore mystical and spiritual experiences.
144 HzConnect with the principles of sacred geometry and harmony.
217 HzExplore the mysteries of universal resonance and consciousness.
999 HzAssociated with the completion of cycles and transformation.
555 HzOften linked to change, transformation, and energetic shifts.
987 HzEnhance intuition and gain deeper insights.

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