wave missile


Divine instrument that extend beyond their object to become ecologies for complex environments that propose dynamic constellations of space, time, and movement.


These “objects” of mass are in fact propositions co-constituted by the environments they make possible. 


Through brain-ports of space-time the patterns take on a resonance, a singularity: it floats, it shadows with warmth, it resonates with capacitance and charge.


The superluminal of mind and the software of a spirit with esoteric approach to life becomes knowing this wave missile is for the experience that in-flects a given space-time with a biological organism of deterministic experimentation the very idea of the thought of already received.


These “objectiles” hold a key ‘cellular’ connection to ‘Oracle’, bringing a sense of incipient flow in dynamic participation within environmental and thought manifestation into the physical world.


What we have now is knowledge to which pure-thought calls forth a natural ebb of synchronicity that is flowing in the most magical of ways, giving rise by the very simplest of quantum mechanics.

A Pendulum in the hand of a Wizard