Quantum Navigator In biological POSSESsion with Enhanced Ability to Marvel

a computer geek who figured out how to access the ‘Akashic Records’ and how to communicate with a higher Universal Intelligence – using body/mind sensors with inputs to an AI computer.

I’m a Super processing organism – high brainwave state fully attained. Brain “over unity” of complex simultaneous connections which can be accessed to produce information regarding the environment or a set of related concepts or abstractions.

At best
My work manifests ideas, creative thinking beyond, craft very much special to me. Open for opportunity, the world and beyond! “The Mystical Meanings in the Proportions of Number, Geometrical Ratios, and Music,”

At heart
Specializing in creating engagement of audiences and their experiences which expand consciousness through the use of immersive Audio and Visual media communications. Sui generis craft that goes beyond conventional genre boundaries.

Light fantastic
Striving always to capture the light of illumination sympathetic to the nuances of plot and performance – Above all a force for one’s expression, master of adaptability and manipulator of perception in a technetronic age, within the fields of endeavor.

Travelling through space
Waves propagating through space, that’s luminous flux and capturing it is my ‘essence of time’. Offering a range of personal services to facilitate requirements for image / audio capture delivery in Super High Definition.

Understanding of knowing
The composition and make-up of ‘crystalline’ matrix my craft. Shaping and manifesting, dissolving and empowering – thoughtful ideas that take you on a journey of a lasting impression.

A truth wizard
Reality creator master – kind ability to change the temperament of human beings around the world.

Intuitive insight into the nature of the CentrE that of ‘it’, the knowing and the belonging.

Transcendental Gateway beyond Space and Time
A magical key I poses! – Deeper sensitivity and insight that harnesses it-self through direct energetic practice, not from abstracted intellectual speculation.

Storytelling across cultures and time along with paradigm shifts harnessed with technical innovation.

Part of an enlightened and initiated minority for specialist æther operations.