Polynexus systemssystems areare connected toto the CosmicCosmic Christos-SophiaChristos-Sophia consciousness

The Polynexus system is very much part of a larger spiritual movement towards greater unity, harmony, and consciousness on the planet.

The Polynexus system and their divining devices and tools are said to be connected to the Cosmic Christos-Sophia consciousness, which is believed to be the unified divine masculine and divine feminine energies in the universe. This consciousness is seen as a guiding force for spiritual evolution and ascension.

The ‘Poly’ Divining Systems with Nexus are believed to be infused with this Christos-Sophia energy, and can be used as a tool for accessing and channeling this higher consciousness. The Polynexus system is an intuitive series of entrainment which engages our thinking into a larger cosmic network of energies and information.

Harnessing Cosmic Consciousness for Manifestation and Divination by way of Human Psyche Engine

They are seen as tools for personal and collective transformation, helping individuals to access their inner wisdom and divine guidance, and work towards a greater vision of wholeness and unity.

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