(h2o)37 + the geometry of light

Light can be thought of as a wave of electromagnetic energy, and its behaviour can be described by the principles of wave optics. One important concept in wave optics is interference, which occurs when two waves of light interact with each other. The interference of light waves can create some interesting geometric patterns, such as diffraction patterns and interference fringes. These patterns can provide valuable information about the properties of light and the objects it interacts with. 

The geometry of light and the properties of water are interconnected. For example, the behaviour of light as it passes through water can be affected by the refractive index of water, which is a measure of how much the speed of light is slowed down when it passes through water. This is why objects can appear distorted or shifted when viewed through water.

The water of life and the geometry of light are two fascinating and interconnected concepts that have important implications for understanding the world around us and maximising our quantum existence and success of manifest capability. It is my personal understanding that quality of wave and function are relative to the quality of our make-up ‘water’. Transmutation of our water state into (H2O)37 brings new light to the equation of synchronistic effects.

background about Dr. Esther: Liquid Crystal Water

Dr. Esther Del Rio was a Mexican scientist who made significant contributions to the study of liquid crystal molecules. In the late 1960s, she began working at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, where she conducted research on liquid crystal materials. One of Dr. Del Rio’s key discoveries was the development of a new type of liquid crystal molecule called chiral nematic liquid crystals. These molecules have a unique helical structure that allows them to reflect light in a way that produces vibrant colours. This property has made them useful in a variety of applications, including displays for electronic devices such as calculators and digital watches. 

The liquid crystal water (H20)37 has the ability to save and store information and more importantly the ability to retransmit, in the same way with a a computer microchip.

Dr. Del Rio made a significant contribution to the study of liquid crystals by developing the Del Rio layer twist method. This technique involves twisting layers of liquid crystal molecules in opposite directions to create a consistent and stable texture. It has since become a widely-used method in the production of liquid crystal displays. Liquid crystals, as studied by Dr. Del Rio, are well-suited for the creation of materials that can function as “biophotonic channels” between different parts of the body. Light waves can travel along these channels, which function like “electromagnetic veins”, carrying information from one area of the body to another.

Dr. Esther Del Rio has no difficulty in recognising the existence of an integrated total of three bodies, magnetic body, biochemical body and mental body connected to a higher human consciousness. The magnetic body as its approaches, protect cellular biochemistry as this network is responsible for producing electromagnetic energy that, like a spider, entraps liquid crystals and encode information stored as liquid crystal display. 

In summary, investigations have led to the conclusion that all cell requires liquid crystals for the transmission of their messages, that all internal data is stored in the corresponding brain structures through liquid crystals and that the body is like a computer with LCD.

NOTE: The energy field that is stored and patterned within a quartz crystal will replicate itself within water. When a charged crystal is intentionally directed onto a body of water, a charge transfer takes place, causing a significant number of the water molecules to become structured or patterned, developing a liquid crystal state at room temperature. The structure of quartz begins to replicate itself in the water. There is a measurable change in the hydrogen bonding as observed by infrared and ultra-violet spectrophotometry. There is also a change in the electrical conductivity of the water as well as the pH.

Transmutation of our water state into (H2O)37 brings new light to the equation of synchronistic effects. Resonance and Interdimensional Communication

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