These techniques will still the cortex and allow us to open up new synapses as awareness transforms the mental process. They can be used for communication with our Inner teacher – the I AM, guides or other Light Beings.

Be still and know - meditate

Tune yourself as previously guided with breath and light; be in silence and know that we all have these abilities. Doubt halts all progress. Remember feeling you can (positive thought) then feeling you can’t (negative thought) neutralises the energy and nothing will happen. Doubt is neutral energy.

Invoke the Light

Call down a beam or cylinder of golden, white Light, know that it comes from the purest energy source in all the Universes, know that it is healing, transforming and will allow optimum alignment for purest communication. Breathe this Light in through the pores of the skin and let it fill every cell of your Being (as guided in previous visualisations).

Visualise (and bring into play the Higher mind)

a) an equilateral triangle in your mind’s eye, fill it with blue light – this is the Universally accepted symbol or sign that you wish to begin telepathic communication

b) visualise your chakras being fully open and activated and absorbing into themselves the golden, white light that surrounds you in the cylinder. “See” your chakras become one column of Light extending up to the highest purest source allowing Divine communication to flood into your Being.


The cylinder of Light from the unified chakra column begin to spin either clockwise or anti-clockwise and jettison pure light into every organ, cell and all the energy fields of your bodies. (This will raise their frequencies to be more receptive). Ask for full activation and illumination of both the pituitary and pineal glands so that receipt and transmission of all information is clear and pure.


Ask for communication. Call in who you would like to speak to – your Higher self, I AM, guides etc. Always control this by stipulating that “only Beings of Light who work for my Highest good are invited to share with me” and together with the above steps, eliminates the possibility of mischievous or negative energy forces connecting with you in answer to your call. The above allows you to control ‘party guests’ by select invitation rather than having ‘open house’. Be prepared by having a list of questions you may want answers to.


Learn to listen – if you don’t still your mind through meditation or deep, connected breathing and the above, how can you expect to hear? At first it is like intuitive whispers or just a knowing, a ‘feeling’ of clarity about an issue. With regular practise this will grow to a loud, clear voice that is indisputable. You know when the information received is for you Highest good and to trust it by the benefits that become obvious in your day to day life as you apply this ‘guidance’. Know it by its fruit! Our I AM and those of Light work with us solely for our Divine unfoldment so that we may realise that we are in fact Beings of Light and the God essence expressed in physicality.

Remember, do not doubt ! Test our guidance by how it feels within and exercise your own discernment. The more you go within and get to know yourself, the more easily you will be able to discern what is right for you according to your uniqueness. Eventually, with practise, you will be able to recognise who is communicating with you by their ‘energy fields’ or vibration, before you even receive their name telepathically.

Always ask the name of the being who may wish to seek counsel with you.

The above information is reproduced from the book “In Resonance” by Jasmuheen

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