The reality we are being fed is encoded with perceptions and experiences that cause people to transmit low vibrational emotional energy.

The Plasma field within our holographic reality acts like a “plasma screen” on which we “watch” the “picture show”, or appear to.

It is an expression, like everything, of decoded waveform information. People go through their lives following the Saturn program they are decoding while thinking this is the “real world”.

Quantum NavigatION WITH Enhanced Ability to Marvel – axenlab! Knowledge and information within neuro electrostatic tranduction systems and technology. 

Primary focus of energy into distributed ledger matrix – NET transactions between connected devices in the IoT ecosystem – Smart-Space.

Line of Energy that of Photonics – A movement which manifests everything in our world within Space and Time is what we think of as Shape.

Specific shapes – patterns of energy and movement are what program energy to perform precise functions of the superluminal mind.

SERVING quantum bio communication, quantum holographic manifestation ~ protection and experimentation.

Methods utilize psychic energies that ‘warp’ electromagnetic energy fields.

Programming Brand Story Wizardy – Beyond crafting Shape, Colour, Sound, Number, and Motion. Experience working craft in ‘Engineering and Technology’, ‘Media and Communication’ & ‘Esoteric Study’.

A spectrum of knowledge – practice of all things internet and beyond!

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