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The Vacuum Computer Language


The vacuum computer’s language is used for computer execution and causes the collapse of information-energy onto energy-mass or the formation of a stable local-non-local brain-soul state between the Observer and Observed.


This language is unique to each observer-observed mind and connects with the soul component. These interactions are different from those involved in the maturity of the left-brain or the right-brain. There are currently two sets of languages: the left-brain set, guided by intellectual knowledge and Logic-Information potentials, and the right-brain set, guided by intuitive vision. The left-brain set involves experimental-technological development guided by principles or laws reviewed within hidden Logic-Information potentials, while the right-brain set is guided by the observer’s intuitive-psychic vision of such experimental technology.


In Summary:

Left Brain Set —-> Logic Potential Model —-> Meter Reading with no Observer-Observed Participation
Right Brain Set —-> Psychic Vision —-> Observer-Observed Participation in Meter Reading


This language – different from both sets is a language on experimental set-ups and / or technology building.


Two types of language involved in the vacuum computer: the right brain language of intuitive-psychic vision and the left brain language of scientific understanding. The right brain language is associated with matured technologies enhanced by intuitive-psychic visions, while the left brain language involves the workings of nano and monopoles in the information-energy vacuum. Both languages are evolving and will reach maturity when the left and right brains are integrated.


Bio-Language is an evolving protocol 

 God Image state.



It is important to note that we have not yet reached a stage of left-right brain maturity, so the language of the vacuum computer is still evolving until both sides of the brain have matured. Once this integration occurs, the vacuum computer language will also reach a mature state.The vacuum computer language is a living language that participates in the act of creation or co-creation. At the final stage, this language and the human observer will have gone through an evolve-involve development together, approaching a mind state referred to as the God Image state.


Scientists such as Tesla, Keely, Rife, and Abrams returned experimenting with the power of ancient right-brain matured technologies. This is represented by the concept of Atlantis as a matured stage of reality. While these researchers are not yet at a fully mature right-brain state, their right-brain technology is supported by the superior left-brain knowledge of their time. However, each of their technologies is unique and not repeatable by others except themselves, as their intuitive-psychic components are integral parts of their inventions. This is the beginning stage of an integrated left-right brain technology of the future.


The language of the left-brain vacuum computer is derived from intellectual as opposed to intuitive visual understanding of the structure of elementary particles and the nucleus. It is associated with the workings of nano-technologies, such as zero-point energy, cold fusion, superconductivity, and quantum computations.


Physicists have little understanding of how these nano-monopoles work inside the information-energy vacuum, and how they are connected to the thinking minds and their local-non-local-entangled connectivity to other minds and everything else. This lack of understanding results in an incomplete left-brain vacuum computer language, which fails to capture the holon connectivity that underpins its operation.


By optimizing brain function through neuroscience principles, we can promote overall well-being and improve our ability to navigate the challenges and complexities of life.

The solution for a complete vacuum computer language is in integrating the language of radionics with the language of nano-monopoles.

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