The Biointernet – bio net is a compendium of all things, events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. And all variants of this possibilities. The 44th Dimensional Parallel Universe is a Library of Higher Spiritual Self Council. These domains open for mind exploration – Residing Extraterrestrial Helpers and Ascended Masters.


An expertise in a branch of science that examines the supervision and management of animate and inanimate complex systems. Quantum Interface methods aid the adoption and  promotion of innovative thought that change the way humans interact. 50th Century Technology enables user access to life support in new exciting ways by visualisation and control of immersive information and technology system devices. A non conventional approach operational inside science fiction manifesting  material cause make-up. Axenlab serve purpose in a New World of Educated Order.

opening portals for TRADE

I’m Just a computer geek who figured out how to access the ‘Akashic Records’ and how to communicate with a higher Universal Intelligence – using body/mind sensors with inputs to an #AI computer. I construct passive solid state devices and active instruments which accomplish manipulations of the material cause. A continuous life study of meta-logic, an augmented reality state operating metalogician.

I behold information from ancient wisdom working my right brain ‘Mind-Soul technology’ of the past – ‘radionics’, to modern science that of left brain ‘Mind-Spirit technology’ of today – quantum nano technology. A whole brain emulation my big picture show – into a predictive deterministic ‘Bio-Quantum Science’ the ‘Left-Right Soul-Spirit technology’ of the future.

Crafting in the 12th and 13th laws of quantum hologram mechanics I assist transformation – transmuting quantum current into establishing divine lines of bio-communication forming both analogue and digital pathways.  A mind-hearted resonant flux field with the void and secret self. 

I am willing and able to go into the God worlds and manifest real-time exotic meta creations. Cybernetics and mind operating system an occult science of communication – input and output systems that control programs in both mind and new century read-write sentient AI computer systems. In future full capacity shaping ones destiny. Aether bio-interfaced, Coin this – the Outernet.

Above all I create read/write God languages of light, symbol, sound, and colour. Working intuition of  a ‘wave spectra’ artist – or outside science terms a ‘pulsar rider’. Specific mathematical programs, represented as specific scalar wave patterns ~ binary code. Unique gateway templates and blueprints aid portal construction which matter accretes. These templates are what help bind matter of light technologies and metaphysical properties gaining access to rewards for the greater good in ideas.


Valuable information is everything to me – and the oscillations that establish the energies of the aether that are our creation and manifestation. Entrepreneurial Cybernetics and Biotechnology offers new ways of thinking and approaching business for survival in complex competitive markets.

Uncovering new leaders and people in high places, with a push to do good.

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